There are a few things to take into consideration when shopping for a SUP board. In this post, we’ll highlight some important points to help you choose the right stand up paddle board.

1. Weight

Your weight would be the first thing to consider, you’ll want a board that can hold your weight and maintain stability. Our inflatable SUP boards range from payloads of 60kg to 170kg. Max payloads are listed on each board’s description in our shop. All round SUP boards are about 10 – 11 feet in height, if you weigh under 70 kg, you might want to consider a smaller board.

2. Stability

Inflatable SUP boards when pumped to the correct recommended air pressure (usually 15PSI) are generally quite stable, but thicker boards of 6″ (15cm) do tend to offer more stability than boards 4″ thick. All dimensions are listed on each inflatable board’s description.

3. Skill level

If you are new to SUPing, we’d recommend a board from the All Round or All Round Advanced range. For those that are comfortable on the water and would like a little more adventure, have a look at the Touring or Racing lines.