Standup paddleboarding is a spin off from surfing that originated in Hawaii. Unlike surfing, Standup paddleboarding simply involves standing on a board and paddling to propel yourself through water. There are two types of paddle boards, solid and inflatable.

1. Solid paddle boards

Solid paddle boards are made from different materials such as fibreglass, plastic, foam or wood. They tend to be faster than inflatables, more responsive, have a higher buoyancy and offer a smoother experience. They do however damage easier, take up a lot of storage space and are difficult to transport.

2. Inflatable paddle boards

Our Inflatable stand up paddle boards are manufactured from layers of PVC plastic and a double-wall, drop-stitch construction making them durable and lightweight. Inflatable boards are much lighter and easier to transport. Inflatables tend to be more comfortable for the long term paddler.