Where can I SUP in Ireland? Do I need to live beside the coast to SUP? The good news to our landlocked readers is, no! You don’t need to have access to a beach or live by the coast to SUP. Our paddleboards are about 6″ thick with a fin of about 9″ high, so potentially you could start SUPing in 1.5 feet of water if you really wanted to.

1. Paddle in a river

Living in Ireland has it’s advantages for paddle boarding. There are plenty of accessible rivers to paddle on. You can’t throw a stone in Ireland without it landing by a river. Avoid any hazards like rocks or reeds and paddle around them. Hop out of the river to walk around any obstacles such as locks or weirs. It’s easier to paddle with the river’s current than against.

2. Paddle in a lake

Just like rivers, you won’t have to go too far to find a lake in Ireland to paddle around. Lakes are usually quite still which is perfect for SUPing. Remember, lakes can get very deep in parts – always wear a life vest or buoyancy aid in water. Avoid any hazards like rocks or reeds in the water.

3. Paddle in the sea

Ah the sea, when it’s calm and warm our ocean is an amazing place to SUP. In Ireland though, the perfect conditions are rare. If you decide to paddle in the sea be mindful of your surroundings. Watch out for rocks above/below the waterline and other potential hazards. The current in the sea is strong and dangerous so don’t venture out too far unless you are comfortable in water. Watch out for underwater and rip currents. Investing in a wet suit might not be the worst idea if you intend sea SUPing.

Be safe. Be responsible. Always wear a buoyancy aid in water.