With Ireland being stuck in ‘lock-down’ because of the COVID-19 aka corona virus pandemic some of us may be feeling the effects of stress more than usual. Stress and anxiety is not helpful to anybody and we know we should do something to reduce it, but what?

Thankfully, there are lots of different ways to relieve stress and there’s tonnes of information online about doing just that. Breathing exercises, physical exercises, painting, cleaning or anything to keep your mind occupied can help.

Of course the stress relieving exercise we’d like to talk about is stand up paddle boarding. SUPing helps forget about the daily stresses of school, work or whatever and get you connected with nature. How? Well…


The simple act of observing the movement of water will cause your minds to calm. This alone has many benefits for contributing to lowering stress levels, anxiety, depression and promotes better mental clarity and sleep patterns. The last time we checked there was lots of water around to observe when out paddling on the river, lake or sea.


Paddling is not difficult, but it does require focus. Maintaining balance, direction and smooth regular paddle strokes is enough to consume your mind when out for a paddle and will inevitably take your mind off the stresses and strains of everyday life.


Making your bed in the morning allows you to accomplish the first task of the day. It gives you a sense of achievement and encourages you on to the next task. The physical act of making your way from point A to point B on a paddle board gives you a similar sense of achievement and pride and all the while you’re surrounded by the calming movement of the water and mother nature.


Paddling is relaxing, great exercise and most important it’s fun. Do you know what you are doing when you are having fun? You are forgetting about all the worries in your life. Take your mind off everything, get outside, go and have some fun.

Oh and don’t worry about social distancing, SUPing generally requires 1.5m or more between boards on the water.