Also known as SUPing, stand up paddling is the thing to do on water in Ireland. It’s “the new running”, only you don’t have to run! You don’t even have to walk, just stand up… and paddle! Why has stand up paddling become so popular? Because it’s pure fun, but here are 5 good reasons to stand up paddle in Ireland.

1. SUPing is pure fun

Fun! Remember that word? We used to that word in Ireland before everybody got so busy. In the recent past we have fallen into the “living to work” routine when we should be “working to live”. Being able to grab a board, head for the nearest river, lake or beach is a great way to capture that feeling of being alive again. SUPing is different, exciting and just a little bit wild.

2. SUPing is great exercise

SUPing is a low impact workout. Paddling while maintaining your balance is a great way to strengthen your core, arm and leg muscles and zero chance of shin splints! Not only does SUPing have physical benefits, it has mental health advantages too. SUPing is therapeutic, relaxing and takes you outdoors to enjoy the beautiful calm surroundings that nature has to offer.

3. Paddleboards are affordable

Unlike other waters sports, stand up paddling doesn’t come with a bunch of expenses. All you really need is a board and paddle and at iSUP we offer you the board, paddle and a few handy bits and bobs all in one package. Head over to the iSUP shop and have a look.

4. It’s for everyone

Anyone can do it! You don’t need to be uber fit or any sort of an athletic to enjoy the benefits of stand up paddling and there are types of boards for all age groups. There’s even a board to sit on and go fishing.

5. It’s very social

Of course you can go SUPing on your own, but you can also go with a friend or a group. Unlike running or jogging, you won’t find your breathing technique hold you back from chatting and having a bit of craic. Some people will even approach you to ask questions like “what’s that you’re doing?” and “where did you get it?”

That’s it, that’s our short list for now. There are many more reasons to take up paddleboarding and we’ll no doubt discuss them in a future article.