Easily switch your single blade iSUP paddle into a double bladed kayak paddle with the Aqua Marina Dual Tech 2-in-1 adjustable paddle by swapping out the handle.

The shaft is made of thick aluminum with a wall thickness of 1.2mm. The standard T-bar handle allows a secure and comfortable paddle grip. The blades are made of reinforced polypropylene. Weight 1600g

  • Shaft: 1.2mm thick aluminum. Diam: 29mm (1.14″)
  • Blade: Reinforced polypropylene. L x W: 40 x 20cm (15.7″ x 7.9″)
  • Handle: Standard T-bar handle
  • 3 Section iSUP Paddle Length: 175 – 220cm (68.9″ – 86.6″)
  • 4 Section Kayak Paddle Length: 236cm (92.9”)
  • Weight: 1600g (56.4oz)