Vibrant 8’0” 2022 Model

Vibrant 8’0” 2022 Model

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The all new VIBRANT 8’0” 2022 refreshed design is here!

It’s not just adults that love stand up paddle boarding and that’s why Aqua Marina refreshed the very special kids SUP board for 2022. Perfect for younger paddlers.

VIBRANT 8’0” features an all-around versatile shape and a compact package, ideal for kids to set up and pack away on themselves. No matter they want to explore fun on flat water or get out to catch some small waves, this board is a perfect choice to start with.

Built in Aqua Marina Drop Stitch Light Technology with welded rails, the 8’0” VIBRANT is ultra-stiff and durable. And the upgraded non-print diamond grooving EVA footpad has made this new board soft and gentle for any stance. Stable and easy to paddle, VIBRANT is especially user-friendly for the younger generation!

VIBRANT stand up paddle board is best suited to children and young teenagers up to 60kg in weight.

Be safe. Be responsible. Always wear a buoyancy aid in water.

Additional Information

Weight: 5.6 kg
Dimensions: 10 × 71 × 244 cm (4” x 28” x 8’)
Volume: 140 L
Max Payload: 60 kg
Max Air Pressure: 15 PSI
Includes: Ace Youth Paddle, Double Action Pump Liquid Air V1, Zip Backpack, Safety Leash, Slide-in Center Fin

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VIBRANT 2022 stand up paddle boards are built to the same rigorous standard and adopts the same innovative technology as their larger counterparts, but as they’re shorter, narrower and have lower volume, they’re far easier for young riders to maneuver, both in and out of water.

  • Super lightweight and value minded drop stitch light technology with quality materials
  • Removable slide-in centre fin
  • Integrated bungee cord supplied for storage on deck
  • Specially designed lightweight paddle for junior riders
  • Aqua Marina double action pump for fast & easy inflation

Additional information

Weight 5.6 kg
Dimensions 10 × 71 × 244 cm

140 L

Max Payload

60 kg

Max Air Pressure

15 PSI


Double Action Pump Liquid Air V1, Repair Kit, Zip Backpack, Ace Paddle, Safety Leash, Slide-in Center Fin